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At Engine23, we work with a variety of different businesses. Some are companies ready to start their first eCommerce site and others are ready for an upgrade. We're prepared to help businesses no matter their stage of development.

What We Do

We build eCommerce programs that improve your customer’s experience and increase your top and bottom lines through automated sales transactions. See what our clients have to say.

We're in this together. This partnership mentality drives our passion to develop outstanding solutions, marketing campaigns and designs to connect you with customers while driving revenue, growth and success. We work to understand your eCommerce solution needs from where you are to where you want to go. That allows us to see your vision, and combine that with our expertise.

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Who We Are

From expert web developers to content writers and proven industry graphic designers.


Our team can contribute and perform at all phases. Take a look at our case examples.

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Kneight Reinagel

Chief Technology Officer

Like most people, Kneight Reinagel was born. Sometime later, he discovered a passion for solving problems. He started with small issues such as, "Why isn't the TV displaying anything?" and worked up to "What's the meaning of life?" He solved all his problems and spends his days solving problems for other people, such questions as, "How can I process this order differently?" and "How can we shave a few more milliseconds off load time?"

When not making the world a better place, Kneight can usually be found with a book or playing with fire. Sometimes both if the read is particularly displeasing.

Nathanial Reinagel - Certified Magento Backend Developer Badge
Kneight Reinagel - Zend Certified PHP Engineer Badge
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Jason Tipton

Technical Lead & Sr. Frontend Developer

Jason graduated from Northern Kentucky University magna cum laude with a bachelor’s degree in Computer Informatics Technology. Since then he has been leading and developing e-commerce website projects for top brands in a variety of industries. His technical focus is on creating websites centered around the customer and how they interact with online stores. He is certified by Magento in both Frontend Development and Solution Specialization.

"I love discussing the newest website design trends and incorporating them into projects"
Jason Tipton - Certified Magneto Frontend Developer Badge
Jason Tipton - Certified Magento Solution Specialist Badge
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Tara Cascella

Magento Frontend Developer

Tara graduated from Northern Kentucky University with a bachelor's in Graphic Communications and Computer Informatics. He career started in branding and brand strategies ranging from corporate to small businesses. She began freelancing and building websites and her niche with front end development. She is always finding new ways to push the envelope, learn new technologies and challenge herself.

"Most people can't say they love their jobs... I can. Everyday, I get the opportunity to merge my creativity with logic and make clients vision's come to life. "
Tara Cascella - Certified Magneto Frontend Developer Badge
Brad Podraza
Brad Podraza

Digital Marketing Expert

Brad has been a PPC consulting expert for 4 years. As a serial entrepreneur, Brad co-founded YourPool HQ in 2010, taking them from 0 to 3 million in PPC sales in one year. He lives in Omaha, NE with his family and kids. One of the most important things to him is to enjoy what he does every day in life and find fulfillment in helping others.

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Sarah Crawford Photo
Sarah Crawford

UX & Graphic Design Specialist

Sarah graduated from the Art Institute of Cincinnati. For over fifteen years, she has been working in the design field on projects ranging from corporate branding to mobile applications. She is passionate about simplifying the complex and creating user experiences that look and function flawlessly.

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Kathryn Paige

Professional Writer

Katie graduated from St Olaf College in 2014 with a Bachelor of Arts degree in English. She spent the summer of 2014 attending the Summer Publishing Institute at New York University before returning back to the Midwest. She loves finding new ways to use her passion for writing, like helping different companies develop content for their websites.

Erica Webb
Erica Webb

Content Marketing Specialist

Erica is in the process of wrapping up her degree from Northern Kentucky University. She has dreams of travelling to new places, and making life an adventure. In her free time, she enjoys reading, watching TV, playing Frisbee golf (she refuses to keep score, because her skills are not up to par), or hanging out with her cats. She has a drive and passion for helping businesses expand, and inspiring others.

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