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Here is how some of our clients have used the Magento platform to improve and grow their business online. Our clients cross multiple industries from performance motorcycle parts to gourmet ice cream. Each project has its own unique challenges and successes. Click on any of our featured clients below to find out more information on how we helped them succeed.

  • No Hack Zone

    Two-thirds of our customers came to us after being hacked.  We cleaned up their technical problems and none of them have had a security breach since.

  • Technical Audits. Proactive Preparation Improves Speed & Saves Money

    On Average, our Technical Audit uncovers 14 issues significantly impeding site speed, 4 major security risks, and 5 extensions enabled that are not being used. When Technical Audit speed improvement suggestions are implemented, every site has reduced to average page loads of 2 seconds or less, except one which was 2.6 seconds. This is an average improvement of 437%. https://www.discstore.com had a 16.4 second average page load and now averages 1.7 seconds, an 864% improvement.

  • Implementation, Come to E23 First

    Our customers average 2 implementation partners before working with Engine23. Our customers have expressed that on average we cost 10% more per hour, but we are 40% more cost-effective per project than their previous technical partners.

  • Maintenance Reliability

    86% of Maintenance Agreement Customers are still with us 5 years after initially signing. 28% of Maintenance Agreement Customers had management changes during the first 5 years, and 100% of them have continued with (or returned to) working with us within 1 year of management changes.

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