A Luxury Ice Cream Store

The Challenge

Moving from Yahoo Commerce to Magento

Did you know you can order ice cream online? Not only that, but eCreamery allows customers to design and create their own unique flavor online. They are a small ice cream shop located in Omaha, NE that sells 16 different flavors of ice cream, gelato and sorbet. They came to us ready for a new platform to help distribute their unique flavors to online shoppers. The first thing we did was move them from a Yahoo commerce website to a brand new Magento site. We improved their site security to keep their customer information secure. For order fulfillment, we integrated Veracore with a 3rd party vendor. Then we used Windsor Circle for product distribution. A dynamic block module allows them to make special blocks display full screen width and be used through the site. To improve site security and SEO we have transitioned their full site over to HTTPS.

How We Help

Connecting with the Customer

At eCreamery, they put their customers first. So we helped them created a full-featured blog as another way to connect with their customers. On their site, we made a custom label maker so each customer could customize the labels in their purchase. Through several custom components and configurations, they also have the ability to create custom flavors. The customers' favorites can be saved in a “Recipe Box” module and retrieved for a future order. We also thought it was important to modify eCreamery’s checkout to include accommodations for special requests and requirements. Incorporating other things, liked a contest that integrated with Facebook for voting on customer-submitted flavors, establishes a stronger relationship with their customer base.

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