Spiegler USA

Motorcycle Performance Parts Store


Performance motorcycle parts moved back to the USA for quality eCommerce.

Spiegler is USA muscle to motorcycles and they were thrilled to find a U.S. domestic provider when they realized the power they could harness with Engine 23 after two failed offshore vendors. Their website had been left inconsistent and unorganized with an unstable shopping cart and incorrectly displayed inventory. Engine 23 made a few minor improvements to their design, and provided a new fully responsive system compatible on desktop, tablet and mobile. Last but not least, we created a secure connection on a different web platform to protect any customer information.

The Challenge

Recovering from offshore Magento agencies

Spiegler USA is a performance parts store that supplies custom brakes and parts to motorcycle enthusiasts. Their customers are all over the country, so it's important for them to have their inventory readily available online. After unsuccessfully dealing with offshore Magento companies, they sought out Engine23 for the daunting process of helping their website recover. The two other Magento companies they worked with left their website looking inconsistent and unorganized. Certain roadblocks, like an unstable shopping cart and incorrectly displayed inventory, left them frustrated.

Following our initial site audit, we focused on the company’s primary concerns. We took their existing design and with a few minor improvements, made a brand new fully responsive design, compatible on desktop, tablet, and mobile. We cleaned up all of the core hacks, local overrides and hard links which brought their software into compliance with Magento development standard. To smoothly upgrade any site to the latest version of Magento, it's important not to skip this first step. When businesses don’t take these extra steps, their upgrade can run into unexpected issues. To improve Google search ranking, we moved them over to an HTTPS website, creating a secure connection between the user and website to protect any customer information.

How We Help

Establishing a partnership with Spiegler

Once we formed a relationship with Spiegler, we looked at what else we could do to enhance the customer experience and optimize their website. To continue improving their SEO results, we incorporated microdata to help search-engines understand more about the content on their website. We also moved them away from flash components on their site to help their site load faster and be cross browser compliant.

Nowadays, more users search using mobile than desktop so a mobile-friendly menu helped improve mobile conversion rates. After properly configuring their servers, we split them and the CDN networks for optimum performance. This fixed slow-loading page "lag" issues, allowing customers from different locations to retrieve content without delay. From a nearly 5-second page load, Spiegler USA now loads in less than 3 seconds and we continue to improve this every month. Coupled with the split server, we tuned the configurations for a unique catalog with over 10,000 products and custom attributes with over 1,000 options, giving the best experience for customers.

Other steps, like improving custom product inquiry capabilities, increasing website tracking, monitoring site security and creating a company blog, continue to expand their online presence and reach. The site is for the customers, so it’s important to put their safety first. We worked with Spiegler to develop a secure payment gateway integration using Payeezy since none of the three Magento Connect extensions supported address and CVV2 verification, let alone the tokenization we added. Our partnership with Spiegler is ongoing as we work together to find new ways to improve their customer sales and eCommerce performance. We will continue to change and improve their SEO on a monthly basis and monitor their site’s performance.

"There were many obstacles to overcome and Engine23 accepted each and accomplished our goals with their expertise knowledge and great communication. Spiegler Performance Parts is extremely happy with the work they have performed. "
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