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"Spiegler Performance Parts highly recommends Engine23 web development for all website needs. We signed up with Engine23 in September 2014. Our website’s state was in shambles when Engine 23 took over. We were not set up with a shopping cart nor were our products displayed correctly and nothing was consistent. Our personal faith in web developers was very dim. The amount of money spent on three previous developers who promised to be knowledgeable in Magento development and endless issues that were never resolved left us hopeless. Engine23’s approach to taking over a dysfunctional site was smart. They first evaluated the current state of our website, generated an educated approach to resolving all seen issues and prepared a cost efficient quote to start the work. Within a month Spiegler’s website had improved and our confidence grew in knowing we would be able to achieve what we originally set out to accomplish. Engine23 offers many ways to stay connected. They set up a BaseCamp board that allows all members of the development team and Spiegler Performance Parts to comment on issues, post task, view work achieved and keep an ongoing record of goals and future development. All team members are located in the US eliminating language barriers and direct contact by phone is permitted. When unseen issues were found, Engine23 responded quickly and effectively. Their knowledge of Magento is exceptional and within 6 months we had a fully functional site. Engine23 has stayed devoted and has overcome hard coding issues from previous developers, all our products are displayed correctly and easy to maintain, we now have a shopping cart along with a high security checkout process and sales have increased and growing each day. There were many obstacles to overcome and Engine23 accepted each and accomplished our goals with their expertise knowledge and great communication. Spiegler Performance Parts is extremely happy with the work they have performed, the money spent on web development finally bares prosperous results and Spiegler Performance Parts will continue trusting Engine23 with all our web development needs. "

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