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Search Engine Optimization

Be found and be relevant online.
  • Optimize for Google

    Google sets the standard when it comes to ranking pages on page technical aspects. Through our experience, we've created a standardized method for applying updates to Magento websites to improve your page load speed and make search engines happy.

  • Microdata

    Search engines provide the best results to online shoppers. Adding site microdata gives search engines more information about your site, improving site display in search, better informing shoppers and increasing click through rates.

  • Unique Content Creation & Social

    Search engines are constantly searching for new and creative content that their customers want. Producing high quality content through your catalog, blog and social media that is engaging will increase organic SEO traffic for your site.

  • Pay Per Click

    Google reserves their top search engine spots for Pay Per Click (PPC) business. Utilizing PPC will help your company's website and products be seen by shoppers. Careful tracking of conversion rates and return on investment are an integral part of our PPC strategy.

Our Process

Make sure your website gets found

Most users don’t scroll past the first page of a search result. They usually find what they’re looking for right at the top. So how do you get your website listed there? Having proper search engine optimization seo strategy for your website across the internet. When a client first comes to Engine23, we start with a basic review, assessing keyword strength, site pagespeed, technical influences, content engagement metrics, graph of influence, competitors, Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools. We also look at microdata usage and make changes to better present your search results to potential customers with more information about what your site offers.

Social media also works as an extension for your business. It can be used to share more information about your business and link back to your website or inventory. Social is a key link in the cycle of engagement and relevance that when considered as a whole is the largest factor in your SERPs after the basics. We will go through your current social media practices and results to analyze what has been resonating with your customers, and we will also do an outside in approach to determine what customers are best for you and how to resonate with them. With an understanding of your customers and your business we can create the most effective content for engaging and creating the relationship you are looking for.

How We Help

Engage customers with unique content

Engine23 is an ecommerce seo company, we will work with your website to improve search engine ranking, going through and fixing important errors in Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools. Our experience and solution templates for bringing the design, server configuration, and software into Google Pagespeed Insights’ best practices saves time and money. Earlier, we mentioned the importance of microdata for eCommerce SEO, we have extensive experience in implementing and understanding Google's interpretation of different types of structured data . Our team will help you update your code to use the industry standards and provide additional information to search engines. When it comes to marketing, SEO will be covered with us.

What takes your website content one step further is customer engagement. By taking the time to create unique content and improve existing content for keyword benefit can pull a lot more traffic to your site. Starting a company blog is another way to provide customers with information that goes beyond the catalog on your website. At Engine23, we have professional writers and marketers that will take time to learn about your industry and provide social media management. Combining your experience with their abilities allows us to put out quality content on a consistent basis to your customers.

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