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Magento Integrations

Let our team help you with the integration process. We will find the best way to incorporate all of your company's needs within your Magento store.
  • 3rd Party Extensions

    If used correctly, extensions can quickly add new elements to your site. We have partnered with some of the best extension providers. Our team will help you evaluate which extensions will have more value for your website.

  • ERP

    We understand that for enterprises Magento is a sales avenue serving as the eCommerce face for your ERP. We will help you integrate your Magento eCommerce store with your ERP to make it a seamless extension of your company's sales and marketing efforts.

  • CRM

    Focusing on key metrics helps your business maximize the value and marketing abilities for your potential customers. We will help you integrate CRMs, like SalesForce, Microsoft Dynamics, OroCRM or NetSuite, into your site.

  • Sales Channels

    Setting up multiple sales paths can increase revenue, brand awareness and reach new customers. We will help your company get listed on sites like Google shopping, Amazon, eBay, Shopping.com, and other price comparison engines.

Our Process

Integrating with understanding

As a business owner, it’s important to have a clear understanding of your website. How current is the information on your site? How close to real time does that data need to be? Where is this information located. At Engine23, when we start working with any client, we first assess their technical needs. The plug and play options for the site are vetted. If a quality third-party plug and play exists, then we outline any required functionality and customizations that may be missing and integrate them.

If a plug and play doesn’t exist, we move through the process of creating one. Instead of starting from scratch on this creation, we have several API templates and tools. Both sides of the integration are built out as prototypes so we can validate that the connections work well as soon as possible. As we move through each stage of the integration, we continually update the client through each process, taking time to provide demonstrations of the the testing environments and progress. Before final launch, we work with the client a final time to review and test the developed solution, ensuring both sides of the integration meet all of the project’s standards.

How We Help

Let the Experts at Engine23 guide you through Integration

Engine23 Magento experts are well versed in many different disciplines, including Microsoft Technology, .NET and open source technologies and programming languages. Our team has years of experience with enterprise level integrations in a myriad of platforms, CRMs, ERPs, and other 3rd party services.

Over the years we’ve developed pre-built platforms for building integrations. This allows us to save time and money, decreasing the development time so we can spend more time on the specifics of your Magento integration. Our team is there to help each client through the complex processes involved in the creation and implementation of custom and third-party integrations. We take pride in understanding the goals for business and software efficiencies and how these integrations will improve your business process. This understanding allows us at Engine23 to foresee and plan many obstacles unanticipated by less-experienced development teams.

"Engine23 built us a great enterprise system to manage the unique intricacies of our global organization. They were a pleasure to work with and I would recommend them if you are looking for quality workmanship."

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