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Responsive Design

Deliver your product to your customers on the platforms and devices they want.
  • Cross-device Consistent Branding

    With the rise in popularity of tablet and mobile shopping, combined with the increasing number of internet browsers, it's vital to create a consistent design and message so customers recognize your brand.

  • Improved Mobile SERP

    The new Google algorithm automatically lowers the ranking of an un-responsive webpage. More users are researching and shopping on their phone, so it's important to have a site tailored to their specific device.

  • Increase Conversion Rates

    A properly designed Magento responsive theme adapts and responds to different screen sizes, making the difference between losing customers and capturing sales, ultimately increasing conversion rates.

  • Lowers Maintenance Costs

    With responsive website design, we create one website that adapts to many different devices. This cuts out a large amount of the cost and time usually spent developing and maintaining different websites for desktop, tablet and mobile.

Our Process

We lead our clients through the daunting process of migrating and launching a new store on Magento.

Before building any new website, it’s important to understand the customer and how they use your website. Learning about the client base, create a marketing strategy that analyzes the design and specific landing pages and market funnels. We will take everything we learn about your customers and collaborate with you on a wireframe layout to fit the demand. We work with you until you are feel confident in the layout. It’s important to us that your website has the right elements and design from the beginning. Our team will create a full designs for desktop, tablet and mobile designs from the frame. This allows you to see and walk through the site before we even start building, take a look at the desktop, tablet, and mobile designs we created when building our site. We blend our expertise and your feedback to achieve a final design up front.

The design is built using the industry standard frameworks, best SEO practices, and is integrated with the latest delivery optimization technologies. These are not flashy and frequently skipped to have more initial competitive bids, but are necessary to build a site that is fast, optimized for customers acquisition and cost effective to maintain. You'll love your new site that adapts its design for browser and device window sizes, ranging from desktop to tablet and mobile even more when it functions well with your SEO and technology stack.

How We Help

Meet your customers where they are

As a business owner, you want your website to be available on the same platforms as your customers, it's the web's version of "location, location, location". This is where having a good Magento responsive design theme becomes a priority, because it will reach them on any of the hundreds of platforms available today. Our team at Engine23 walk our clients through the process of implementing a responsive theme on their site, explaining each step and providing checkpoints throughout development. We involve you in the process until the end, doing a final review once the responsive theme is ready, fixing any last edits or additional page elements.

We believe in focusing on what is going to have the greatest impact today, having foresight to avoid future common pitfalls, and having reasonable flexibility. To do this we assess the different devices your customers use and how your site is currently being used. From there, it's possible to intelligently invest in a solution that excels in your current sales environment, while being prepared for a changing landscape.

We keep you informed and treat you like a partner. You may not know all of the elements that are a part of a quality responsive theme, we make sure you end up with a complete solution. A great theme should be more than just checking off responsive in your SEO strategy, every page, paragraph, link, and image needs to be working in concert with your overall strategy for maximum effect. With today's new html5 markup, you will want microdata woven behind the scenes on every page if you want your search results to have the maximum results. Additionally, theme development today needs to be built to integrate with caching technologies, else you'll have to run without these speed optimizations. We know what goes into a well built theme and work with you to be sure all of these details are coordinate and covered.

Benefits List

Benefits of a responsive website

Any business wants to make sure their customers can access the same products and information on and device, including a laptop, tablet or smartphone. But there are many different types of devices that customers use so building a responsive website has quickly become the standard for and business online. There are many benefits of a responsive site.

  • Only update one site and it will work across desktop, tablet and mobile, making updates more cost effective
  • Increase sales and conversion rates since customers can choose which device they use
  • Avoid duplicate content listings and experience consistent branding across devices
  • Website will load faster and reduce bounce rate on tablet and mobile
  • Stay ahead of the competition’s website
  • Google favors responsive pages, ranking those sites higher in mobile search engine rankings
  • Opportunity to cost effectively optimize for latest SEO practices
"Engine23 built us a great enterprise system to manage the unique intricacies of our global organization. They were a pleasure to work with and I would recommend them if you are looking for quality workmanship."

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