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Magento Upgrades

Keep your site functioning and up to date with the latest Magento updates.
  • Improved Security

    Magento constantly updates their security patches to comply with the latest web security standards, along with updated server software patches and more secure payment methods.

  • New Features

    The latest Magento versions add new features, including faster page load time, updated tax and regulatory compliance, responsive designs, better customer targeting, and improved CMS management.

  • Improved Performance

    Magento upgrades come with improved performance by improving the quality of already existing features and compatibility with new technologies. The latest upgrade improved key checkout page load times by 40% and added php7 support which speeds your entire site up by an additional 35%.

  • Audit & Cleanup

    Our full site audit allows up to clean up core edits to improve speed and security. We catch any surprises before development to save time and money, leaving you a compliant Magento site.

Our Process

Upgrading your Magento Platform

Magento is a flexible platform easily updated if a knowledgeable development team followed standard Magento practices. So before touching your website, our team starts with an in-depth code, server, network and asset review. Here, we look for outdated services, configurations, and core edits where the standard Magento practices were not followed that will prevent a smooth upgrade or hinder site performance and SEO. Working with each client, we also identify areas for improvement to increase traffic and sales through funnel optimizations, branding, SEO, and design. It can be easier to implement these elements during an upgrade process, so we go over them to save time and money.

To prepare the site for the latest Magento upgrades, our team begins by repairing out of standard Magento customizations. We then follow the standard Magento upgrade process, merge your now other standardized site customizations into a fresh Magento install of the new version. If the cost of bringing customizations into standard is prohibitive, we can use an alternative in place migrations and clean-up method. We add other upgrades to bring your system up to date and be compatible with your new version of Magento, such as 3rd party extensions, ERPs, security patches, and server system updates .

The next important step for us is QA testing, especially during an upgrade, to ensure the website functions correctly. After finalization, we run the site through a final test upgrade and validate your site's comprehensive launch checklist . Once everything looks great, it’s time to perform a complete backup of your entire site rollout your updated site.

How We Help

Make your upgrade smooth and efficient

Upgrading may feel like a daunting process, we have a time tested process to handle it. At Engine23, our certified Magento experts have experience with most versions and even multi version Magento upgrades. Our analysis and planning approach saves you time and money as we identify issues before even starting to upgrade your website. We are prepared to make the transition as smooth as possible, using our understanding of Magento and other components to consider all aspects of the upgrade, not just the code.

Our goal is to make our clients feel satisfied with their upgrade, so you are an integral part of each phase. Your feedback helps us create a plan that will give you the results you want. We know that during an upgrade is the perfect time for any site wide improvements, such as rebranding or updating your theme to be more SEO friendly. We help you understand your options during an upgrade and the return on investment of some options you have during this transition. If they’re ready to make some changes, our team is ready to help reposition marketing, improve your SEO or any other eCommerce improvement.

If you are considering a Magento 2 upgrade, we're ready. In fact, this site you're on now is built on Magento 2!

Learn more about the different benefits of each Magento upgrade:

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