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New Store & Migration

Let our expert team help you with your eCommerce store.
We'll handle the the details, allowing you to focus on the big picture.
  • Site Planning and Development

    Ready to build a new eCommerce website? Let Engine23 save you time and money with our informed design process. From day one, our eyes are on the end result and every step of the design and Magento development process leads towards the bigger picture. It can be expensive to fix things after launch, we do it right the first time.

  • Catalog Design

    Receive full support in category creation and product division for your site. A well-designed catalog will drive sales, support any discounts or sales events you run, and be SEO optimized. Our goal is to create the best user and shopping experience.

  • Migration Services

    Welcome to Magento! Whether you are moving from another eCommerce platform or building a new eCommerce sales channel, we’re here to make your transition smooth, painless and informed. Engine23 uses industry-leading tools to bring in your catalog, contacts, email lists, business data, and anything else you need.

  • Sales Funnel Optimization

    Your customers are the most important part of your site so we help you create a marketing strategy that works. We also apply our case studies to optimize customer acquisition and checkout, down to details such as payment and shipping options; and features like auto-saving information to simplify signup and checkout.

Our Process

From Discovery to Launch, Engine23 guides our clients through each stage

When we work with a new client, we go through a series of phases to get your eCommerce website from the beginning to the final stages: discovery, design, development, finalization and launch. At Engine23, the discovery phase is for learning about your business, customers, and how those two interact and any business processes involved. Before figuring out what you site will need, it’s important to know what you and you’re customers are going to utilize it for.

An overall theme for your Magento website begins to emerge and we’re ready to move on to the design phase. This is where we begin mock-ups, prototypes and look at plans for elements like SEO, catalog design, attributes, payment, shipping, ERP & CRM integrations and any special features your site will have. After going over these and having a clear plan, we enter into the development phase, building out these ideas, configuring your store, writing copy and adding custom Magento functionality to your site. Once we've completed our development plan, your Magento store will go through a finalization stages, testing and reviewing your entire site internally and eventually with clients. When everything looks good, we’re ready to enter the launch phase and get your new eCommerce site up and running.

How We Help

Trust our experts to help your business grow online

How do you set up your catalog to optimize with Google? How do customers interact with the upper or lower sales funnels? These questions are important starting points when you’re looking at a new eCommerce website for you business. Our eCommerce customer behaviour experts at Engine23 have spent years working with clients to optimize their businesses online. We’ve studied what’s important for eCommerce success and together we will build a foundation that’s ready to grow with your business. This well of knowledge makes us a great Magento partner and lets us transition your site faster and better.

For your store to work properly, you want a team that has knowledge in how to optimize servers, SEO, caching, assets, pricing and external resources inside of the Magento web platform. We will help get your SEO and other site elements set up correctly from the beginning. If you already have an existing store, it’s important to get your customers, orders, products and other information migrated correctly. Not only will our experts help you get migrated, but we’ll help you prioritize what is worth the effort of moving. Engine23 is has the experience and knowledge to turn the hurdles into steps in a path to a great new sales platform. That is why we are a preferred Magento enterprise white label service provider.

Are you ready to migrate your store over to the Magento platform? Our team has experience with OSCommerce, ZenCart, Prestashop, WooCommerce, Volusion, RTML (Yahoo’s eCommerce language), custom ASP classic & .NET and growing list. We're also certified in Magento 2, in fact this site you're on now is built on it!

"Engine23 upgraded our website and added new functionality. We now have a much more appealing website that has been optimized for SEO. I would recommend Engine23 to any small business owner."

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