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Keep your website functioning at top speed and performance with updated code and a properly configured site.
  • Server Configuration & Performance

    A properly configured server can help load pages faster for shoppers, more efficiently process their orders and allow CSRs to update product information faster.

  • Software Review

    It's important to keep your code up to date. Outdated coding practices can slow down your site, hindering the shopping experience and leading to cart abandonment.

  • Caching Technologies

    From server caching to Content Delivery Networks, CNDs, we configure all available options that make your website load as fast as possible by specializing delivery paths for individual assets types.

  • Automated Asset Optimization

    By using server and software technologies to automatically optimize assets, improving download speed and lowering the number of assets needing to be delivered, page rankings are improved.

Our Process

Make sure nothing interferes with your site's speed or performance

Is Magento running slow? Do you know if your server configurations are following the Magento best practice guidelines? Are your caches working correctly? Is your website clear of core hacks and overrides that may be interfering or slowing down your site? How well are your content delivery networks, CDNs, working?

Let our team at Engine23 help you optimize and improve your website so it’s performing at top speed. The first thing we do is evaluate the current page load speed and work with you to explain how speed affects and your sales and SEO efforts. Tools such as Google Pagespeed Insights are used to evaluate, benchmark and optimize how search engines see your site performance. The few items on the review checklist include an automated whole site code review, Magento admin configuration review, server configuration review, asset delivery optimization review. Don't let slower load times cost you potential sales.

It’s important to create a plan that fits each businesses’ needs, providing the greatest cost to benefit ratio. We develop a comprehensive, custom report that explains cost benefits of each item and shows the best options to improve website speed. Once a plan is established, we apply upgrades and optimizations to fit your goals.

How We Help

Let the experts repair your website

When you partner with Engine23, rest assured that you have experts monitoring and improving your website. We’ve built a team of people with unique experience in their specialized fields including a eCommerce specialist, software developers and system administrators. We make sure that all of our team is trained in both speed and SEO optimization for their particular field.

Our full site audit locates and documents issues that can be resolved for SEO and page speed to improve shopper experience and sales. Over the years, we’ve created standardized and automated tests to quickly find issues with Magento stores and their configurations. Then we can efficiently improve SEO and sales on the sites. We rarely encounters problems we haven’t dealt with before, so we have standardized resolutions for almost any issue that can arise. This saves time and money because we don’t have to take time to learn about problem. Instead, we can focus our efforts on applying these solutions, improving the speed and accuracy of how we execute repairs.

"Engine23 upgraded our website and added new functionality. We now have a much more appealing website that has been optimized for SEO. I would recommend Engine23 to any small business owner."

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