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The team at Engine23 is here to help your eCommerce store and brand reach it's potential.
  • 24/7 Support Number

    Rest assured knowing that we have a support team of user interface specialists, marketing experts, software engineers, server administrators, and Magento solution specialists available 24/7 at (844) 5-MAGENTO to help you if any issues arise with your Magento site.

  • Server Monitoring

    Our team constantly watches your website, scanning for potential security risks, server metrics, errors and monitoring Search Engine errors to protect your SEO.

  • Constant Improvement

    The only way we know if we’re doing our job is from your feedback (and analytics). We’re continuously searching for ways to improve your site and keep our SEO, Sales & Marketing, and Server experts at the top of their game.

  • Expedited Service

    With Engine23 Magento support, you get high priority access to all our services with a team ready to support you when upgrades or security patches are released.

Our Process

Prioritize and tailor the support you want from Engine23

Our flex retainer has no limits. It allows you to choose any aspect of your eCommerce business you want Engine23 to focus on, and even save up for a larger project. All of our clients are assigned a Technical Project Lead who is a Magento Certified Developer and Certified Magento Solution Specialist ready to guide you on design, site optimization, marketing, and client acquisition and retention. If your lead is ever unavailable, we have a 24-hour support and emergency contact so your site never encounters any problems on your own. Other benefits are access to special support level pricing, prioritized service, SEO & system monitoring, and a development server.

Initially, we perform a full site audit to locate problems and potential areas for improvement and site growth. Our technical analysis provides information on server setup, security patches, core overrides and Magento configuration. We do this so we can get an overall assessment of the site along with a list of recommended solutions to bring your site's systems and technical SEO up to standard. Then we prioritize the solutions with you and manage the process of improving your site with a weekly touch base and organized with a dedicated project management portal.

With our sales and marketing analysis, we research and review you sales funnel, how your customers access and use your site, and what their expectations are. We put your site and competitors through an exhaustive set of SEO analysis tools to understand where your brand is today and what are the best steps to grow your community. At Engine23, improving your sales and marketing strategy, planning ways to capture the customers and sales your site is missing, like abandoned shopping cart, reaching new customer segments, and beating the competition is what we do.

How We Help

Communication and Expertise

Your relationship with our team at Engine 23 will go deeper than building and maintaining your website. The most important thing to us is that you feel confident and informed about your site. Your technical lead will schedule routine meetings so you stay informed on the current progress and all next cycle planning. You’ve prioritized what you want us to work on and we've outlined the plan in a dedicated project management portal, so you know what our time will be spent on. Communication between our team at Engine23 and our clients is what promotes progress and makes sure your website is done correctly the first time. We make communicating with your team easy for asking questions, planning new development, and getting status updates on current projects. You have a dedicated eCommerce support team, no floaters, so all research, analysis and knowledge gained is retained and improves your results every day. Everyone on your team is known to you and will always be just a phone call, email or posting away.

Your website needs to be tailored toward your customers and specific marketing. Before we begin the process of building or improving an eCommerce hub, our teams takes time to learn about your market. Our experience in demystifying your brand online and combining it with our market experience, we craft unique and effective recommendations for your site. Every company offers something different to their customers, so we find the best way to deliver that product.

"Engine23 knows Magneto. We have worked with many developers around the world on our client’s Magento websites and they have provided the best services and results."

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